Your East Medina County Special Utility District staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

Business Personnel

Bruce A, Alexander, Superintendent



Debora L. DuBose, Business Manager 830-709-3879
Lauren Evans, Asst. Business Manager 830-709-3879
Alice H. Garcia, Customer Accounts Clerk 830-709-3879
Lynda D. O'Quinn, News Accts/Transfer Clerk 830-709-3879
Susan C. Rizo, Office Clerk 830-709-3879
Teresa Tschirhart, Part Time Office Clerk 830-709-3879

BRUCE A. ALEXANDER, Superintendent

Bruce began his employment with the District on April 1, 2008. He was employed with the City of Castroville for 25 years in the Public Works Department serving as the Director of Public Works for the last 10 years prior to his retirement on March 31, 2008. Bruce is licensed as a Class "B" Groundwater Operator, Customer Service Inspector and a Class "B" Wastewater Operator. He was previously licensed as a  Code Enforcement Officer and Non-Commercial Applicator for Pest and Weed Control  with  certifications as a Building, Plumbing and Fire Inspector. He has been trained as a Safety Coordinator and on the National Incident Command System through the Department of Homeland Security as well as numerous issues related to the operations and management of Public Utilities.

Bruce currently serves as the Distrct 2 Director for TRWA and as the Secretary of the TRWA Board, an appointed member of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan Program Stakeholder Committee  all EAA municipal  permit holders west of Bexar County, and  an appointed member of the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Regional Advisory Group.

In his position  as Superintendent of  East Medina County Special Utility District, he oversees all aspects of the District in accordance with the District's policies, objectives, and applicable laws and regulations. The Superintendent has the authority to interpret, apply, and enforce existing District policies on a consistent, nondiscriminatory basis. He supervises the entire day-to-day operation of the East Medina County SUD.   

This supervision includes:

  • Six wells, five plant sites, approximately 300 miles of distribution lines, over 2700 connections, serving over 9,000 people.  
  • All financial aspects of the District.
  • Hiring, dismissal, and direct supervision of eleven (11) employees.
  • Works directly with the Board of Directors.
  • Compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Rules and Regulations.
  • System design criteria and system demands, giving status reports to the District's Board of Directors and consulting engineer.
  • Communicates and negotiates with community, local, state, and federal political entities or agencies.
  • Monitors all local, state, and federal legislation directly or indirectly affecting the District.
  • Represents the District on all legislative issues directly or indirectly affecting the District.

Bruce and has wife, Tammy live in Castroville and enjoy time at the family ranch between Castroville and Devine. 

DEBORA LYNNE DUBOSE,  Business Manager

Debbie started with the District in September 2003 as the New Accounts/Transfers Clerk.  She brought with her to the District more than 23 years of experience in accounting, payroll, inventory control, customer service, billing and business procedures.   On October 1, 2006 Debbie assumed the position of  Business Manager, working closely with the Superintendent and Board of Directors. 

Debbie is currently Notary Public and serves as the Records Management Officer for the District. She manages an office staff of five and is responsible for everything associated with bookkeeping, accounting, finances, yearly budget, monthly and quarterly financial reports, the annual audit, policies, elections, payrolls, inventory control, HR and performance evaluations of Office Personnel.

Debbie and her staff have attended the TRWA Basic Water Course to gain a better understanding of water system operatins and improve customer service. She regularly attends training conferences and seminars on issues concerning rural water and works closely with the Superintendent to ensure the District remains in compliance with TCEQ Rules & Regulations for a public water system.

Debbie and her husband Tinker are lifelong residents of Devine where they raised two children, Mindy and Skeeter.

LAUREN EVANS, Asst. Business Manager

Lauren started working for the District in February 2020. Lauren brings over 15 years of accounting experience and an accounting degree to the District. Lauren and her husband Brandon and their children live in the Hondo area.
ALICE H. GARCIA, Customer Accounts Clerk

Alice began working with the District in early August 2008. She was promoted to Customer Accounts Clerk in October 2009.

Alice came to the District with more than 25 years of experience in customer service. Much of her experience is in taking utility payments, billing inventory control and accounting along with computer related issues. She has nine years of experience in preparing annual reports associated with the operations of water, sewer and gas utilities.

Alice recently got married. Her and her husband reside in the Natalia area . She has four children and three granddaughters.

LYNDA  D. O'QUINN, New Accounts/Transfer Clerk

Lynda was hired on Oct 5, 2006 as the Office Clerk. Lynda was recently promoted to the New Accounts/Transfer Clerk. For the past seven years she has worked in the plumbing field working with contractors on installing all types of utilities, from the ground up. She has done estimates of jobs, read blueprints and ordered materials. Lynda also has over eleven years experience in the office and  management field. She has done billing, ordering, payroll,  inventory control, accounts payable and receivable in local  convenience stores. Lynda's duties are to answer the telephone, wait on customers, enter the meter readings,  post payment and late fees to customers account. She also helps in other areas of the office as needed. 

Lynda and her two girls Rebecca and Shaunna live in the Natalia area.  They enjoy various sports through the youth organization and school.

SUSAN C. RIZO, Office Clerk

Susan sterted with the District in December 2009. She brings the District her utility experience from the City of Lyle. Susan and her husband and children live in the Natalia area.                                      

TERESA TSCHIRHART, Part Time Office Clerk

Teresa joined the staff in August 2017 after retiring from TXDOT. Teresa and husband Scott and their four girls live in the LaCoste area.


Operations Personnel

All Servicemen 830-709-3879    


Ronnie joined the District on October 30, 2018. Mr. Lemmons has recently retired from TXDOT as the District Maintenance Administor at the San Antonio office. Ronnie and his family reside in the Castroville area.


Chris returned to the District on October 1, 2008 after being gone for two years. He had previously been with the District since April 10, 1995. Chris brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in every facet of our systems operations. He currently has a Class "C" Water Operator License and a Customer Inspection License issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. He has trained in water utility safety, chlorinator maintenance, groundwater production, water distribution, water sampling and field analysis and as a water system inspector. Chris has an excellent working relationship with adjacent water purveyors, County Commissioners and TxDot.

Chris and his family are lifelong residents of Medina County.  Chris has four children Carl and Cody  have graduated from Devine and Camie and Rebecca  are attending school in Devine.


Felix  started with the District in July 2013 as a water utility serviceman. One of his duties is to help maintain the inventory. Felix and his family live in the Devine area. Felix was recently promoted to Foreman.

DAVID STRAUSS, Serviceman/Operator

David started with the District in May 2018 as a water utility worker. David was recently promoted to a Serviceman/Operator.  He and his family live in the Devine area.

GRANT J. VAN GUNDY, Serviceman/Operator

Grant started with the District in April 2019 as a water utility worker.  He and his wife and children live in the Natalia area.

THOMAS A. PACHECO, Serviceman/Operator 

Thomas started with the Distrct in September 2019 as a water utility worker. He and his wife live in the Lytle area.