Water Rebate Program

East Medina Customer's ONLY 

If you qualify for the Rebate Program and are interested in applying for it, please complete the information request at the bottom of this page.

                  REBATE PROGRAM                 

In May of 2001 the District adopted  Low Flow Toilet and High Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate Programs. These programs were implemented for three purposes.

  • To encourage the conservation of water and preservation of the environment,
  • To encourage shopping in Medina County, and
  • To comply with Texas Water Development Board Regulations.

PURPOSE: In order to conserve water and energy and preserve the environment, the East Medina County Special Utility District implemented an Ultra Low Flow Toilet Replacement and High Efficiency Washing Machine Rebate Program.  The District was created by community minded people, working together for a community need.  In keeping with this type of community spirit, the District will limit rebates to new toilets and washers purchased from a Medina County Dealer.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: The Customer of Record or Consumer only is qualified to participate in the program.

PURCHASE REQUIREMENT: The purchase of Ultra Low Flow Toilets using 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush and High Efficiency Front Loading Washing Machines using from 1/3 to 1/2 less water than top loading machines. Purchases must be from a Medina County dealer. One Toilet Rebate and one Washer Rebate per customer/consumer per account.

REBATE AMOUNT: $50.00 - Low Flow Toilets. $100.00 - Front Loading Washers.

APPLICATION: Application forms are available at the District Office. Application as well as receipt must be in the name of the District customer / Consumer. Application for rebate must be made within thirty days of the date of the purchase.

ADMINISTRATION OF REBATE: Upon completion of the application and acceptance by the District Superintendent, a $50.00 or $100.00 credit will be posted to the Customer/Consumer account with the District.  The credit can only be used for water and service fees incurred with the East Medina County Special Utility District. The credit must stay with the account.  If the Customer/ Consumer sells, transfers, moves, or loses the service, the credit will not be transferred or refunded.

Complete policy and applications may be obtained from the District office.

The Board has been approached concerning the stipulation that the items be purchased in Medina County. In the best interest of the District as a whole and in keeping with the Community Spirit set by our founding fathers and the mindset of small communities, the Board stays with the policy.

You, the consumer, have the  option of purchasing in Medina County and receiving the rebate or purchasing out side of the county and not receive a rebate.

CLICK HERE to access the Rebate Application Form.

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